Tow Truck Insurance

When your commercial vehicles are out of commission, it’s more than just an inconvenience for your business— it’s lost profit. With a commercial vehicle insurance policy through Patrons Insurance Agency Inc., your cars, trucks, and other vehicles can be back on the road quickly if they are ever involved in an accident.

Our agency wants to make your insurance search as simple and painless as possible. Since most states in the U.S. have mandatory coverage requirements for business vehicles, it’s important that you purchase a policy. Patrons Insurance Agency Inc. will walk you through your policy options, ensuring that you choose a coverage that fits the unique needs of your business and falls within your particular state’s guidelines. Protecting your business’s vehicles and the people who drive them is important for your company’s reputation and future goals.

A company can go into financial ruin from one lawsuit. We at Patrons Insurance Agency Inc. understand that auto insurance is more than just a tool to help businesses comply with state regulations. A good commercial vehicle policy will help legitimize and secure your company by assuring employees they are covered in the event of an accident and protecting you if you or your employees are faced with possible legal actions.

Whether you own a small business with just one car or a company with several hundred vehicles that are used for heavy labor, purchasing commercial vehicle insurance is a necessity. Get a free commercial vehicle insurance quote today with our online form!