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Common Homeowners Insurance Acronyms

RCE – Replacement Cost Estimator (Estimates Debris Removal, Materials, and Labor for the house)
ACV – Actual Cash Value (Just what the house is worth at current condition)
LOU – Loss Of Use (Compensation for reasonable expenses like shelter and food when displaced from a covered peril)
PL – Personal Liability (Covers when someone is injured on your property)
MP – Medical Payments (Small claims PL)
Coverage A – Dwelling (The RCE or ACV of the house and all attached property(ie attached pools and decks)
Coverage B – Other Structures (ie fencing, sheds, detached pools, etc)
Coverage C – Personal Property (All loose property and contents of the house)
Coverage D – LOU
Coverage E – PL
Coverage F – MP
HO – A policy for when the owner is occupying the property majority of the year.
HO3 – Home Owners Policy @ RCE
HO4 – Renter’s Policy (Personal Property and LOU only for someone renting a DP1, DP3, HO6)
HO6 – Condo Owners Policy (Can be primarily owner or tenant occupied)
HO8 – Home Owners Policy @ ACV
DP – A policy for when a tenant is occupying the property majority of the year.
DP1 – Dwelling Property @ ACV
DP3 – Dwelling Property @ RCE

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